I'm a Wedding Photographer in the Tahoe / Reno area. Photography has been a longtime passion of mine, capturing that epic sunset, the night sky or the wild horses right here in NV. My photography has carried me into Weddings....

Weddings to me, are all about capturing the emotions, the joy and fleeting moments that happen along the way. My roll is to tell your story through the lens in an artistic and creative manner. I don't want it to feel like a photo shoot, it should feel more like your hanging out with one of your friends who just happens to be a professional Photographer. You'll know I'm there when you need me and the rest of the time I'll be invisible.

Hey! I'm AJ


Meet my Assoicate Photographer, Eli


Capturing those timeless moments for you

The Experience

​A strong relationship is the foundation to incredible photography. We accomplish our unique approach of storytelling through this fundamental approach of getting to know you. It all starts with the absolute highest level of customer service. From the moment you contact us, we want to know how we can be a part of your special day to capture this special moment in your lives. 

We know planning a wedding takes a lot of time and work, and we want to help capturing your day effortless. On your wedding day, you'll know when we are around and most of time we'll be invisible to you, blending in with your family and friends, capturing those candid moments. At the end of the day, we'll part our way and give you our gratitude of appreciation for capturing your wedding day.... but it doesn't stop there, we'll send you a sneak peek of your wedding photos the next day and keep you posted of when to expect your full gallery.

Our Approach

​We’re storytellers first and foremost. Our approach is driven by your unique life story, who you are, your personal tastes, and your vision of your wedding day. Each life story is unique, our approach is the same way, no wedding should be photographed the same way, its your life story and we want to tell it through the lens of our camera.

Ready to Start

Our journey starts the moment you book me, not at the start of your wedding day.. If you need help in planning a timeline, a visit to the venue or an engagement shoot, I am here to help in any way I can. I want to get to know you both so I can capture your day to fit your personality. Not every wedding is the same so it shouldn't be photographed the same.

So say Hi ... I'd love to answer any questions you might have.